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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Titans Got Talent

Do you have a talent? Have you always wanted to show the world but never had the courage to do it? Well, these fifteen middle schoolers have it and aren't afraid to show it!

On Friday th 25th Lauren Clark, Brooklyn Bamforth, Jessica Mulkey, Katie Sax, Kate McCourt, Daniel Muro, Cameron Dandini, Gunner Richardson, Maddy Giasson, Aimee Altimarano, Aubrey Kratchman, Sergio Estrella, and Mr. Yoder's leadership class will be performing.

Grace and her friend Brooklyn will be zumba dancing. They have been dancing for two years and would like to share their girft with the school. Another dancer in the show is Jacob E. he's dancing to the song " Hips Don't Lie!" His dance outfit includes booty shorts and colorful tank tops. Jacob says he's very excited to perform with the leadership class.

Don't forget Sergio's Taekwondo, and many exciting singers! But to tie the whole show together there is Gunner on guitar, and Cameron Dandini and Daniel Muro doing a hillbilly dance!

I know that the Publications class is excited to see all of these amazing talents, are you? Do you have a talent? Come by next year...to be a STAR like these performers in the talent show tomorrow!

By: Ellaina L.

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Emma said...

I loved the talent show! It was so fun :)